Our Insurance Review Process

We assess your insurance requirements when onboarding, annually before policy renewal, and when you notify us about a change in your situation. 

How do we review your insurance policies?

We make these decisions based on:

  • Your insurance requirements and existing coverage
  • Product options available on the market
  • The price of your required insurance product by insurance vendors

What happens after an insurance policy review?

After we assess your insurance requirements, look at what measures you already have in place and product pricing of insurance vendors, and we will recommend one of the following outcomes: 

Keep your existing cover with your existing provider.

Keep your existing cover but revise your provider.

Revise your existing cover with your existing provider.

Change the existing provider and revise your existing cover. 

As your broker, we are a part of your team as a valued business advisor. With our advice, you are proactively addressing the risks to your business with an insurance program designed specifically for your business and needs. We negotiate competitive rates and terms of insurance for our clients. 

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